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Photography Of Gerry Beckley & Dewey Bunnell

Two collections of images, the first by Gerry Beckley in an ongoing series titled "VFTHW" - View From The Hotel Window, and the second by Dewey Bunnell, titled "Plants & Birds & Rocks & Things"


From The New York Times:

"Gerry Beckley has some peculiar enthusiasms. A founding member of the '70s Cali-rock band America, he spends most of his days on the road reviving 'Sister Golden Hair.' And each morning, like clockwork, he photographs the view from his hotel-room window - a ritual he's kept up for about 15 years."

    NYTimes - Stephen Heyman


For decades Dewey Bunnell has been an avid wildlife enthusiast and conservationist. These photos document his experiences and encounters from around the world.